What we did

From naming to concept, to identity and product launch: Branding from the ground up, community building and positioning for a meditation iniciative.

Sei is a mindfulness project born in Caracas, Venezuela with the intentions of bringing the community together through meditation in difficult times, as well as opening a space for educational resources and their product: a seiza style meditation bench.

In the designer mind there are no excuses, only creative solutions. Being Venezuela a country with scarcity and very limited availability for materials and production processes, the beauty of SEI's branding lays in the perfect imperfections, trying to achieve that process digitally resulted in a branding heavily inspired by old school printing techniques.

The color palette decision invites people to meditate; mustard inspired by the Bhuddist zaffron tunics, and purple inspired by the third eye chakra Ajna, the point of our eternal consciousness. Font selection was London based typeface Hatton by Pangram Pangram x Two Times Eliott (2019 release). An eclectic typeface that distills the nuances of local street signage, shop fronts and landmarks from Hatton Garden, London's Jewelry Quarter.

Product Launch
Research and workshops
Visual Identity

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