8 Core values of a mindful + productive life

Some core values of a minimalistic freelancer I've developed over the years.

October 13, 2021

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Core values of a mindful + productive life

This are some values I've developed over the years:

  • Growth mindset: push yourself, feed your brain.
  • Ditch the cookie cutter productivity formula: create your own sustainable systems.
  • Build habits that align with your vision, not someone else's.
  • Community: spend time (online, offline) with people that nourish you.
  • Always track your progress: to asses and adjust systems.
  • Spend time self-reflecting: get to know yourself. This is key.
  • Curiosity: experiment and never stop learning.
  • Mental and physical health first: that.

The invitation is to create your own toolbox, keep a curious mind, and get to the place where productivity meets self-knowledge.

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